New Independent Study StudentsEdit

This wiki was created for the sole purpose of making the lives of future classes easier. In time, it will provide solutions and helpful tips to exercises, labs, and just about every other aspect of the class, in the hopes of making Independent Study a less stressful and more enlightening course. Current students are expected to continue this mission as they complete the course themselves.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming
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Author Thomas VanDrunen
Illustrator Unknown
Published on 2013
Published by Franklin, Beedle & Associates Incorporated
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Getting StartedEdit

Independent Study is very different from the computer science courses of previous years. It introduces not only completely new programs and topics in discrete mathematics that can be hard to wrap one's head around, but an entirely new programming language in which to write it all - SML. Even more shocking and new is the general structure of the class, which is not called "Independent" without reason. For these and many other reasons (the added pressure of other classes, senioritis, etc.), you should find the pages contained herein to be of much use on the difficult but (hopefully) exciting journey that is Independent Study.

You can find links to learn more about (and in some cases, to download) the programs you will be using and many other helpful subjects on the Wiki Content page.

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